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Enjoy some fresh Caribbean flavours this BBQ season with our recipes for Barbadian chicken skewers, BBQ jerk chicken, jerk pork chops and lots more. Don't forget a cool tropical cocktail to wash it all down!

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An easy homemade Jamaican jerk sauce of soy, lime, orange juice and lots of spices makes a mouthwatering marinade for barbecued chicken.

Recipe by: Cathy Anderson

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This jerk chicken is one of my nephew's favourite barbecue recipes. This well rounded flavour of sweet, hot, herbal and spicy chicken can be served with rice, beans or pasta. Or just make a chicken sandwich out of it! I also add garlic and a kiwi fruit to the marinade.

Recipe by: KIBADA22

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Everyone seems to love this easy but unusual blend of fresh mango and garlic. The salsa can be used on fish as well! Be sure your mangos are ripe for best flavour.

Recipe by: Rimi

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A fantastic recipe that uses an aromatic array of chillies, herbs and spices. This marinade is also delicious with pork fillet, ribs and chicken.

Recipe by: Ryan Nomura

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These spicy, zesty chicken skewers are inspired by the hot, tropical nights in Barbados.

Recipe by: Marcus Hender

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Because the flavour of chicken is quite mild, it benefits from a tasty Jamaican jerk baste, when barbecued or grilled, and this also helps to keep the outside from burning until the chicken is cooked through – especially when cooking over charcoal.

Recipe by: Azmina Govindji

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This is a Jamaican-inspired dish combining the flavours of barbecued jerk chicken with a lovely jerk-flavoured cream sauce, all tossed with pasta. If desired, you can cook the chicken breasts under the grill or in a ridged griddle pan.

Recipe by: Terry Coonan

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These Caribbean-style pork chops are marinated overnight in a homemade marinade, using a variety of spices. If you can't barbecue these, a ridged griddle pan will also work well.


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Before you make these chicken wings, be prepared to send your taste buds into a frenzy. The wings are marinated in a jerk seasoning, then grilled on the barbecue to perfection. Enjoy with a mango salsa, if desired.

Recipe by: BencyCooks

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You'll love the heat and flavour of this fiery marinade. Spicy and succulent Jamaican jerk chicken is a summertime BBQ treat.

Recipe by: Yardie

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