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Spelt (27)

With it's low GI score and high protein content, spelt grains and spelt flour can make a healthy addition to breads and muffins, salads and casseroles. Experiment with our variety of spelt recipes here.

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Top spelt recipes

8 reviews

Spelt flour is perfect for pancakes. These fluffy American-style pancakes use 100% spelt flour for a wholegrain pancake that makes great breakfast or brunch fare.

Recipe by: Lucy

4 reviews

These muffins are moist, tender and very fruity. Blueberries are baked in a batter made with spelt flour. Enjoy for afternoon tea, elevenses or as a snack.

Recipe by: FreshandLegit

9 reviews

This bread is made with spelt flour. Spelt is an ancient species of wheat, and spelt flour is readily available in most supermarkets.

Recipe by: Diane

1 review

Use your food processor to make fresh tasty pasta for two.

Recipe by: GYPSY-WITCH

No reviews

This delicious salad is made with protein rich whole grain spelt. It is very versatile. Don't have kale? Substitute chard or another green. No red cabbage? Use a different variety, or just skip it.

Recipe by: Syd

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