With its low GI score and high protein content, spelt grains and spelt flour can make a healthy addition to everything from breads and muffins to salads and more.

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    These scones are a little denser than normal but the spelt flour gives them a delicous nutty flavour. Best served warm.

    Recipe by: Joy

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    This recipe makes a really flavourful brown loaf with a crispy crust. The mixture of flours complement each other giving an ‘airy’ texture and full flavour. I have called it ‘Legionnaire bread‘ as the Roman Legions baked with spelt flour. I very much like this bread.

    Recipe by: 2003buzz

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    I wanted a bit healthier light buttery shortbread biscuit so am experimenting with different flours and brown sugars.

    Recipe by: carolann76

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    Tasty lunch or supper dish that the whole family will enjoy. Try to use organic ingredients to enhance the taste of this quiche. I use spelt flour for the pastry although wholemeal flour can be used. Serve with tossed salad leaves dreseed with lemon juice and olive oil for a healthy and balanced meal.

    Recipe by: irene

    24 reviews

    A delicious granola without all the fat. Perfect for breakfast with yoghurt and honey.

    Recipe by: GinetteB

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    Spelt can be used in place of regular flour for some people with a wheat allergy, and no one may be the wiser as the taste is quite similar.

    Recipe by: Patsy Wilson

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    A warm and aromatic plum cobbler, made just a bit healthier. This healthy dessert recipe uses less sugar than most cobblers I've seen, and I also used half spelt, half plain flour. I use plums here, but other autumn fruits - apples, pears - would work a treat!

    Recipe by: Diana

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    If you have your own sourdough starter, try this easy wholesome spelt bread. I mix the dough the evening before and bake it the next morning.

    Recipe by: terrerouge

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    Spelt flour is so healthy, so I try it in everything I can. I adapted my basic spelt pancake recipe on this site to come up with this yummy combination of nuts, cinnamon and wholegrains.

    Recipe by: Lucy

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    Chicken thighs combine with high protein spelt and root vegetables for a warming winter casserole.

    Recipe by: WaxingGibbon

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