Kids' birthday cakes (58)

We have lots of great birthday cake recipes for kids, including rainbow fairy cakes, butterfly cakes and even a pink Peppa Pig car cake! Be sure to check out our Icing recipe collection for that perfect finish.


Top kids' birthday cake recipes

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This is a perfect cake for celebrations which need to be made ahead of time. It is a stiff cake with a moist texture so perfect for carving for novelty cakes. Wonderful torted with jam and buttercream or just left and covered with marzipan/icing, this cake is so versatile you can pretty much do anything with it! It will never curdle and is so simple even my 3 year old has made it, never fails and always tastes perfect!

Recipe by: tamarahenry23

48 reviews

This is a rich and moist chocolate cake. It only takes a few minutes to prepare. Ice with your favourite chocolate icing.

Recipe by: shirleyo

6 reviews

Will brighten up any day! My daughter loves them.

Recipe by: mamabake

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This is my mum's chocolate sandwich cake recipe which she used to make for all the birthdays in our house. Now I make it for my family! The secret is to add whisked egg whites so the chocolate sponge cake is light. The chocolate buttercream filling and icing for this cake is easy to make and hides a multitude if your chocolate sponge cake doesn't turn out perfectly!

Recipe by: Ita

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This football cake is perfect for a kid's birthday cake or to enjoy after winning a match! Use your favourite cake recipe for the appropriate size of your football cake mould. You can also use a cake mix if you're in a rush!

Recipe by: Allrecipes

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