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    Making your own pretzels is a fun project for the weekend, and especially great to make with the kids. Get creative with different toppings - coarse sea salt, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, cheese - and then come up with your own dipping sauces!

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    The big but loved pretzels that you can normally find in America.

    Recipe by: Undead

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    Loving shop bought pretzels but unable to afford them very often, I decided to have a go at making my own. I found a recipe that worked quite well but have tweaked it to improve the outcome. These are particularly good coated with cinnamon and sugar. They can be reheated and taste just as fresh as they were when they first came out of the oven. Enjoy!"

    Recipe by: scazza64

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    This easy to make dough can be shaped into pretzels or bread sticks.

    Recipe by: Joan

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    Use your bread machine to make chewy baked pretzels at home. Beer in the batter makes them especially light and delicious.

    Recipe by: Nancy

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    These are big, soft pretzels rolled in coarse sea salt that you can make at home with basic bread ingredients you probably already have!

    Recipe by: Jeannie Yee

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    These warm and buttery, homemade soft pretzels can be topped with sea salt for a savoury snack or cinnamon and sugar for a sweet treat.

    Recipe by: CHRISTA ROSE

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    These mini pretzels are pretty and delicious. If you find shaping the pretzels too fiddly, feel free to roll out the dough and cut out shapes with a cookie/pastry cutter.

    Recipe by: Maria

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