Seafood pasta recipes (186)

    Looking for easy and delicious fish and seafood pasta recipes? Why not try a popular prawn pasta recipe, or salmon tagliatelle, or an easy tuna bake for a healthy and tasty midweek meal.

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    Top seafood pasta recipes

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    Aubergine, fresh prawns and crushed garlic are cooked in olive oil and tossed with penne pasta and fresh herbs to create this classic Italian dish.

    Recipe by: Barilla

    58 reviews

    Spaghetti is tossed with smoked salmon and a sauce made with mushrooms, basil pesto and tomato puree. A delicious pasta dish, suitable for any day of the week. Serve alongside crusty garlic bread.

    Recipe by: Alicia

    64 reviews

    A sweet, tangy, spicy prawn dish. You can prepare the sauces ahead of time and refrigerate until you're ready to cook.

    Recipe by: LIEBELUNE

    9 reviews

    This is an Italian recipe, very nice for the summer months! It has cucumber in it, which I don't like, but my husband does, so I just add cucumber to his individual portion!

    Recipe by: Keri

    464 reviews

    This pasta recipe is easy to make, yet both impressive and decadently delicious.

    Recipe by: TKF123

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