Halloween muffins

From chocolate spider muffins to perfectly spiced pumpkin muffins, we have loads of fun ideas for Halloween. Muffins are quick and easy to make, not to mention fun to decorate with the kids!

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What better way to celebrate autumn than with delicious muffins that combine the wonderful texture of apples with the warm taste of pumpkin. A simple crumble topping gives them a little something extra.

Recipe by: JES55

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This is a yummy muffin recipe that has become an annual tradition, especially for autumn and Halloween parties. Especially tasty when they are still warm, these pumpkin muffins are brimming with chocolate chips!

Recipe by: FRANNYJ

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Fresh pumpkin makes for great muffins. Can also be served as a loaf cake.

Recipe by: Julie

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These are incredibly delicious pumpkin muffins filled with a sweet cream cheese filling, then topped with a crumbly pecan and cinnamon topping.

Recipe by: Barb

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Delicious for breakfast, these muffins are also good with lunch or your afternoon tea break.

Recipe by: Amy Posont

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This is my lower fat version of a pumpkin cake recipe using extra pumpkin and no oil. You can also substitute some wholemeal flour for nutrition, and they still taste great. They freeze very well; just microwave a frozen muffin for 20 to 30 seconds and it's ready.


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A deliciously moist muffin that's also easy on your waistline. Sponge cake mix is blended with pumpkin puree and spices, then baked. It's that simple! Feel free to add in extras, such as raisins, chocolate chips or walnuts. These muffins are also freezer friendly.


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This fab pumpkin muffin recipe is perfect for autumn. Use the same amount of cooked, mashed sweet potato or butternut squash if you'd like to experiment!

Recipe by: Diana

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These muffins are not only healthy, wholesome and low in fat, they are also delicious. Enjoy these muffins for breakfast, brunch, dessert or general snacking.

Recipe by: Ash

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These are the perfect muffins to serve around Christmas. They are moist, tender, lightly spiced and packed full of cranberries. Feel free to add in toasted pumpkin seeds or dried cherries, if you prefer.

Recipe by: Robin L.

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