Scallop starters (33)

    Scallops are delicate, flavourful and light - seems like they were made to be served as starters! We have heaps of elegant but easy scallop starters, from ceviche and scallop chowder to tasty pan-fried scallops.

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    This supremely delicious scallop chowder is an excellent starter for the festive season. If you are not keen on scallops or something else is on offer, this recipe can also be made with other types of seafood.

    Recipe by: Kathy J. Bourdess

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    This unique flavour combination is sure to be the talk of your next barbecue party! Use streaky bacon or pancetta for best results.

    Recipe by: Magda

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    A classic Latin American dish - the seafood is cooked by the acidity of the lime juice. This is so easy to make, but will impress even the most discerning of guests! Fresh ingredients are a must in this recipe.

    Recipe by: Star Pooley

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    Scallops wrapped in bacon and cooked until crispy. A simple but lovely combination.

    Recipe by: JOELLEFLYNN

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    A very impressive and delicious recipe for how simple it is! Just crush the garlic with the side of a chef's knife blade instead of chopping it, and keep the sprigs of rosemary whole - this allows them to be easily removed before serving.

    Recipe by: Pati

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      Prawn and scallop ceviche
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      Prawn and scallop ceviche
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      Bacon wrapped scallop and fruit skewers

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