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    Looking for lighter versions of your favourite quiche recipes? We have loads of flavourful quiches that either use lower-fat ingredients, are chock-a-block with veg, or skip the pastry to make the quiche just that extra bit healthier.

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    This quiche is without pastry - it couldn't be simpler.

    Recipe by: LMSM

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    This vegetarian quiche is made without pastry and so is also gluten free. It's packed full with courgettes, green pepper, spinach and tomatoes. A fantastic dish to make when you are looking for a tasty meat-free main dish.

    Recipe by: BärbelS

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    A simple quiche recipe without the pastry - just spinach, spring onions and two cheeses. Perfect for a last minute brunch.

    Recipe by: bettina

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    A colourful vegetarian quiche with a filling of juicy roasted peppers and ruby red onions in a tangy goat's cheese filling. The pastry includes oats, adding a lovely nutty flavour and valuable fibre. Enjoy with a mixed salad.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    This recipe is quick and easy way to make spinach, mushroom and broccoli quiche. I added bit of garlic which is optional. You can make this easy by buying shortcrust pastry or making the quiche crustless - both are so tasteful. If you don't want to use crème fraiche, use 150ml of skimmed milk or just use 150ml of crème fraiche instead of both! You can add or change the ingredients if you don't like what I've added :)

    Recipe by: sootybear26

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    This makes for an easy midweek supper or special breakfast at the weekend. With no pastry, you save both time and calories!

    Recipe by: ANY14TNS

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    This vegetable-packed quiche is cooked in a large, deeper-than-average tin and the pastry is rolled out thinly to give a generous amount of filling and small proportion of pastry in each slice. Serve warm, rather than piping hot or chilled, with a lightly dressed, crisp salad.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    As my husband and I are trying to eat more healthily these days, i have adapted a basic quiche recipe and replaced some of the ingredients with lower fat ingredients - it's just as tasty as the original, but better for you!

    Recipe by: seymouc

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    This quiche has considerably less fat than the average quiche. An egg custard made with skimmed milk and light cheese is baked without a pastry base. It's simple and delicious.

    Recipe by: emberlie

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    Tasty lunch or supper dish that the whole family will enjoy. Try to use organic ingredients to enhance the taste of this quiche. I use spelt flour for the pastry although wholemeal flour can be used. Serve with tossed salad leaves dreseed with lemon juice and olive oil for a healthy and balanced meal.

    Recipe by: irene

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