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    From a 7 minute chocolate fudge cake to an easy microwave Christmas cake - find lots of quick cake and easy dessert recipes for the microwave.

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    I have made this quite a few times and it is popular with my friends as well! It is quick and easy to make and only uses a few basic baking ingredients. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

    Recipe by: KitchenKittyGirl

    16 reviews

    A very tasty and quick cake that's made in a mug. It's cooked in the microwave and you probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen already.

    Recipe by: A.ciozda12345

    9 reviews

    A really quick and easy microwave brownie recipe. The best one I've even tried, with hardly any washing up!

    Recipe by: claire2406

    60 reviews

    This is a sweet and chocolatey icing, which is quick and easy to make. A Mars bar, butter, milk and vanilla are melted in the microwave, then beaten with icing sugar. Use to frost cupcakes, muffins or cakes.

    Recipe by: MySweetCreations

    2 reviews

    A great little recipe that takes less than five minutes! A really nice chocolate dessert to satisfy your hunger in seconds!

    Recipe by: Holly18

    6 reviews

    Chocolate cake in the microwave? Yes it is possible and super fast! If like me, you don't have an oven and you are quite skeptical about baking with a microwave, then try this UNBELIEVABLE recipe!

    Recipe by: julyonthewave

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    This cake literally does only take 10 minutes! Really simple to make and anyone who tastes it would think you were working on it for ages!

    Recipe by: gammagirl

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    As a poor, starving uni student, this mug cake recipe is one of my favourite desserts. It is quick, cheap and makes enough for one! A spoonful of ice cream completes this heavenly dessert. You can try using peanut butter instead of hazelnut spread, but you won't need as much. I find that 1 1/2 tablespoons of peanut butter works well. You can also increase the amount of cocoa powder and hazelnut spread to 3 tablespoons each if you need even more of a chocolate hit!

    Recipe by: Kitty

    708 reviews

    Make an individual-size dessert using this decadent recipe for microwave chocolate mug cake.

    Recipe by: safinabakes1231

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    We're very big on breakfasts in the Things at Home office. This weekend, we knocked up these quick, tasty (if a bit naughty) breakfast muffins and we just had to share the recipe! They're brilliant if you have to rustle up a last minute morning treat for house guests. If you prefer a slightly less full-on breakfast hit, check out our Five minute banana breakfast muffins instead!

    Recipe by: ThingsAtHome

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