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    Looking for the perfecting ending to an Italian-inspired meal? We have loads of Italian cake recipes, including Pan di spagna, Italian chestnut cake, Italian Christmas cheesecake, Panettone and lots more.

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    Here’s an unusual flourless cake that makes a delightful dessert. Italian risotto rice is cooked slowly in milk until tender and creamy, then mixed with eggs, nuts, lemon and rum, and baked. It’s served with a red fruit salad.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    An authentic Italian cake in less than an hour? Yes, please! This irresistible sponge is enriched with ricotta and studded with pieces of chocolate. Even better, it's ready in 50 minutes.

    Recipe by: Monica

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    This is a deliciously different cheesecake recipe. Just before serving, grate some dark chocolate on the top for a more professional look.

    Recipe by: Marty

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    The classic Italian cake with an almondy twist. It's creamy, rich and incredibly easy to make. Coffee soaked sponge fingers are layered with an amaretto flavoured mascarpone. NOTE: This recipe contains raw eggs.

    Recipe by: Gilles

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    This gluten-free cake takes a little effort, but the results are really worth it. It's deliciously rich and addictive. The cake is flavoured with chestnuts, almonds, chocolate and brandy. What else could you want? It's perfect for special occasions, such as Christmas.

    Recipe by: Naschkatze

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