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    If you have bacon in the fridge and pasta in the cupboard, chances are you have a cheap and tasty meal in store. Find recipes for classic carbonara, penne with broccoli and bacon, bacon pasta salads and many, many more.

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    This is the true version of carbonara - NO cream, NO onions, NO mushrooms, NO chicken or whatever so called Italian restaurants serve all over Ireland and UK.

    Recipe by: mammaSERE

    1277 reviews

    The classic spaghetti carbonara - without cream, just plenty of egg and Parmesan cheese. Rich and delicious.

    Recipe by: Sandy T.

    13 reviews

    Ribbons of pasta coated in bacon, eggs and cream make a warming supper dish, with less than half the fat of other versions of this popular Italian dish.

    Recipe by: Brenda Houghton

    10 reviews

    This succulent chicken in a creamy white wine sauce is to die for. Very good for a romantic night in with your loved one!

    Recipe by: jadey2508

    8 reviews

    Super easy carbonara, 10 mins cooking time, yummy dish. To make this recipe less fattening you can use light single cream and low fat ham instead of bacon. Serves two people, increase the pasta amount for additional people

    Recipe by: Jemmat

    10 reviews

    A classic Italian recipe, this is great for when you come home tired and want something quick but wholesome and delicious too.

    Recipe by: shardman

    6 reviews

    A very cheap and filling meal and very easy to make. Ideal for during the week for the family. Got the ingredients from the back of a ready meal and made it up along the cooking process. Versatile as ingredients can be added or taken away, i.e. garlic, chopped peppers, etc.

    Recipe by: tippyairie

    5 reviews

    This is one dish my kids absolutely love! It might not be completely authentic but it's quick and easy and you can get away with using any kind of pasta.

    Recipe by: carmen

    74 reviews

    When I was in university, I created this delicious pasta dish using my favourite cheap ingredients: bacon, button mushrooms and garlic.

    Recipe by: ONYX78

    130 reviews

    It takes only 6 ingredients to make this delicious Italian pasta dish. Streaky bacon is tossed with fettuccine, eggs, Parmesan, double cream and black pepper. Perfect for lunch or dinner.

    Recipe by: Shannon1975

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