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3 reviews

So easy, especially since the slow cooker does all the work! This is a lovely, comforting soup to come home to on a blustery evening.

Recipe by: Chandrav

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A rich and savoury onion soup topped with a slice of crusty bread and smothered with Gruyere and mozarella cheese. Heavenly!

Recipe by: Jersey Tomato

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The secret of this rich, warming soup lies in the slow cooking of the onions and leeks, in just a little butter and oil, until lightly caramelised. Thinly sliced potatoes add extra carbohydrate and help to thicken the stock. Complemented by crunchy cheese and walnut-topped croûtes, it makes a satisfying lunch or supper dish.

Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

3 reviews

Very easy and oh, so good. This recipe is submitted from Quebec, Canada.


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This is a great alternative to the classic French onion soup. Caramelised onions are simmered with white wine, soy sauce and then blended with Gruyere cheese. It's perfect with fresh crusty bread.

Recipe by: Mary Turk

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French onion soup
French onion soup

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