Nut free biscuits

    From chocolate chip cookies to shortbread biscuits, it is easy to make loads of tasty biscuits and cookies that are nut free. If you're accommodating a nut allergy, check out our collection before you fill the biscuit tin.

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    This is so easy and is one of my favourite recipes. It tastes even better if you use homemade raspberry jam.

    Recipe by: Holly

    36 reviews

    This is an interesting twist on the classic that my daughter made at school. It has now become a firm favourite in our house.

    Recipe by: dcull

    265 reviews

    This luxurious all-butter shortbread is simple but classic.

    Recipe by: Cheryl Otten

    27 reviews

    This year, in a bid to maintain Christmas spirit despite the limited funds, we decided to make a variety of edible goodness for the family. It's a very simple gingerbread recipe, although cooking times do vary quite considerably depending on the shape you carve your biscuits into I found out.

    Recipe by: funintheoven

    24 reviews

    You might need to make a double batch of these. They are so good that they will go in no time at all!

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

    536 reviews

    This basic three-ingredient shortbread is irresistibly flavoured with real butter and brown sugar.

    Recipe by: Linda

    16 reviews

    Here’s a healthier version of a traditional favourite. Bake quick round biscuits, or buy some fancy cutters and encourage children to have a go at making gingerbread figures or stars, and give them dried fruit or nut decorations. Whatever the shape, theses spicy, crunchy biscuits taste terrific.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

    14 reviews

    I think it's very easy, well most of it sure is anyway! The only bit that I really struggled on was the mixing of the ingredients - the mixing it into breadcrumbs with your fingers bit I actually found to be easier using dough whisks. Plus it reduces your mixing time by about 5-8 minutes. From then it gets pretty easy with the rolling and cutting and everything...!

    Recipe by: elleasha101chhiber

    16 reviews

    This simple double chocolate chip recipe is the same recipe that my mother taught me. It makes large chewy cookies and uses basic ingredients that everyone has at home.

    Recipe by: vers4ce

    10 reviews

    This recipe will show you how to make plain biscuits. We prefer to use half margarine, half butter. You can add dried fruit, chocolate chips or chopped nuts to these biscuits to make them your own.

    Recipe by: zahrahazeem1234567890

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