Poached egg recipes (41)

Poached eggs make a fantastic breakfast, but they also make a lovely addition to a main course salad or elegant starter. We have loads of poached egg recipes, for eggs benedict and lots more.

Top poached egg recipes

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This is a firm favourite of a weekend. Extremely simple dish to execute but full of flavour and richness.

Recipe by: lawlesschef

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Hot buttered muffins, bacon and poached eggs drizzled with hollandaise sauce. This is the quintessential brunch recipe, wonderful for a special occasion like Mother's Day or Christmas morning.

Recipe by: jenn

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A delicious dish inspired by eggs Benedict with mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto.

Recipe by: Yoojin K

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I've tried numerous times to poach an egg sounds simple but how many times have we all tried it with advise adding vinegar to the water and still not good to look at. Well I've now cracked it, as to say here's all you need and do anyone can make this look and taste great.

Recipe by: juliebaker

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Poached eggs in tomato sauce - southern Italian style. An easy and nutritious meal in the absence of meat. The dish links diverse Mediterranean countries, as similar to north African and Israeli shakshuka and Turkish menemen.

Recipe by: NazarBlue

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Eggs benedict
Eggs benedict

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