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    If you are following a raw food diet or simply would like to eat fresh natural foods now and again - find lots of delicious raw food recipes in our growing collection.

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    A fresh, raw, nutritious and delicious coleslaw or salad. You could really add any organic vegetables you want. Spinach and rocket work well but I like the flavour kale adds. The cashew nuts in the dressing are optional - but they do make the dressing taste creamier.

    Recipe by: theblendergirl

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    This is a delicious no bake, vegan, soy-free, gluten-free 'cheese'cake, with no refined sugars. It's made with walnuts, cashews, cocoa, dates and banana. The filling is slightly sweet, with a hint of banana and cocoa; it’s creamy with the consistency of “real” dairy cheesecake, but is lighter and less rich. The base is chewy, fudgy and totally chocolatey – complementing the filing extremely well. As a side note - raw-food purists wouldn't call this raw (as cashews are used).

    Recipe by: honeyandspice

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    Freshly-blended carrot, banana, kiwi fruit, apple and pineapple make this smoothie both tasty and full of vitamins and minerals.

    Recipe by: Teresa

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    I made this recipe for a healthy dessert on St Valentine's day for my husband. It's great, so chocolaty and nutty! My husband loved it, my whole family did. You can use whatever nut you like.

    Recipe by: prashtilova

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    A food taco truck near my work serves their chicken tacos with a slaw made from cabbage, red onion, chilli pepper, fresh coriander and lime. I love it so much that I recreated it at home!

    Recipe by: mixingmedias

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