Cherry pies and tarts

    Ruby red cherries were born for pies and tarts, and we have loads of cherry pie and tart recipes that are as delicious as they are easy to make.

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    This is a traditional cherry pie recipe from my grandmother. I tend to use morello cherries picked from the garden, but your favourite variety should work just as great. Serve with some vanilla ice cream or extra thick double cream.

    Recipe by: Bethan

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    Juicy, crunchy and not too sweet. This cherry and oat crumble is ideal as a warming dessert during the colder months and is delightful served warm with a little vanilla ice cream.

    Recipe by: pleesmith

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    This delicious cherry pie has is an egg-free base which is light and crumbly. Enjoy with some vanilla ice cream or thick double cream.

    Recipe by: Annie

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    Although I am not a big fan of marzipan, I decided to try and combine it with sour cherries and marmelade. The smell of the baking tart assured me that this dessert will certainly win my heart. And it turned out scrumptious.

    Recipe by: JJ92

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    A German cherry pie with with a moist quark filling and a delicious butter crumble topping.

    Recipe by: bambi23

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    This cherry pie really deserves its name, it is generously filled with cherries, and the almond topping is moreish.

    Recipe by: babsi_s

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    Bored of mince pies? These Christmas cherry pies are the answer. These decadent little cherry pies can be eaten as casually as a mince pie, or can be dressed up as a fancy individual dessert for a Christmas dinner party. Filled with the flavours of Christmas, these little cherry pies will be a seasonal hit.

    Recipe by: Divina

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    This is a classic cherry pie with the romance of black cherries and some chocolate in the shortcrust pastry, just a whisper, nothing too bold. Great for a cosy dessert and wonderful after duck.

    Recipe by: Bethan

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    A gluten free cherry pie with homemade gluten free pastry, great for those intolerant to wheat or gluten.

    Recipe by: SallyD

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    This cherry pie lattice with port wine crème is the perfect end to an elegant meal. The warm cherries are perfectly complemented by the cool, velvet smooth port wine crème.

    Recipe by: Marion

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