Ice lollies (29)

    Homemade ice lollies are easy to do and fun to make - find lots of recipe ideas for fruity ice-lollies and frozen yogurt ice pops.

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    Make these addictive and cooling homemade ice pops in the summer with the kids. It's a relatively healthy and cooling treat!

    Recipe by: ying

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    Make this cool, chocolaty treat with the kids for a fun and tasty summer project. Get creative, if you like, and use a variety of chocolate for the chunks - white, milk, Aero®, Maltesers® - the sky's the limit!

    Recipe by: Megan

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    Homemade ice pops are easy to do and great fun for the kids to help out with. You can vary the flavour so easily by changing the fruit or yoghurt that you use. I also use jelly in mine which makes them more stable! If you enjoy making them - it's worth buying some plastic ice pop moulds. They're not expensive.

    Recipe by: mumofsix

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    This recipe is great for people who are following a dairy free diet, but anyone and everyone is sure to love them.

    Recipe by: Zoe

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    After experimenting with different flavours, I loved the texture and taste of this creamy coconut and banana ice pop. Taste the mixture before you freeze it and add more honey to sweeten it.

    Recipe by: Syd

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      Blueberry ice lollies
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      Fudgy chocolate chunk ice lollies

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