Mushroom stroganoff

    Find rich and creamy mushroom stroganoff recipes made with button mushrooms, portobello mushrooms, wild mushrooms or chestnut mushrooms. Tempting enough for any night of the week!

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    Onions and mushrooms are cooked in butter, then tossed with soured cream and vegetable stock to make a creamy sauce for pasta or mashed potatoes.

    Recipe by: CHORDATA

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    This version of the classic dish of quick-fried steak with mushrooms shows how vegetables can be used to enhance and ‘stretch’ a modest portion of meat. The result is every bit as special as true stroganoff, and is more in keeping with today's taste for meals that are not dominated by meat.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    An improvisation on the classic dish. This is a tasty and hearty beef stroganoff with loads of mushroom flavour. This was my favourite childhood recipe, my mum made it with what was left in the cupboard!


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    Mushroom stroganoff can often be rich, creamy and high in calories - this version cuts the calories without cutting the taste!

    Recipe by: QUORLIA

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    This is a lovely meal suitable for all occasions. I have cooked it for a dinner party and it was very well received. The cooking time is not too long and can be done when guests have arrived.

    Recipe by: deriboy

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    This is the perfect quick, easy and tasty tea time treat that the whole family can enjoy. Indulgent and creamy, this supper is perfect for a cold winter's night, yet guilt free packed with healthy honest ingredients. It is a creative take on the original stroganoff, except this recipe is completely meat free. Serve with rice and green vegetables for a complete balanced dinner. I hope you enjoy this meal as much as I have.

    Recipe by: Birchlings

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    Tasty venison is extremely low in saturated fat, with a slightly gamey flavour, and combined with mushrooms, a small amount of meat goes a long way. Cooked in a creamy sauce made with half-fat crème fraîche, then tossed with tagliatelle, this makes a luxurious dish.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    Chestnut mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, red peppers and broccoli make this dish very satisfying without the meat.

    Recipe by: foodfanatic

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    A super-easy dish, which is perfect for the weeknights. Minced beef and mushrooms are simmered in a soured cream sauce and served over freshly cooked pasta.

    Recipe by: Colleen

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    Stroganoff made with chicken breast is even quicker than the orginal recipe with beef.

    Recipe by: rbdemedeiros

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