Strawberry ice cream recipes

    From classic strawberry ice cream recipes to making ice cream in a bag - find plenty of easy and delicious strawberry ice cream recipes to try.

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    Homemade ice cream without the ice cream maker. You'll have loads of fun making this ice cream with the kids. Simply help them fill the plastic bag with cream and strawberries, then let them shake it till they've got smooth creamy ice cream!

    Recipe by: Melissa

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    Use your ice cream maker to create this rich and creamy strawberry ice cream. There are no eggs in this recipe.

    Recipe by: ejw825

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    Use your favourite fruit in place of the strawberries in this classic ice cream recipe.

    Recipe by: NELL

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    Homemade ice cream recipe for the ice cream maker, very rich and creamy. Makes enough for 4 individual ice cream pots. For best results, ensure all your ingredients (except the sugar) are chilled prior to use.

    Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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    This recipe can be made with other berries as well. The rosewater gives it an exotic taste.

    Recipe by: CBECIC

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    Fresh strawberry ice cream made the old-fashioned way! Simply lovely served with additional sliced strawberries and wafer biscuits on the side.

    Recipe by: cisacke

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    This isn't really for autumn/winter, though this is delicious and worth a try! Could add another fruit like raspberries.

    Recipe by: Nicolelovebaking

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    This vibrant ice cream offers fresh berry flavour at its best.

    Recipe by: Christy J.

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    Jill is one of WI’s food experts, she says “Basil has fantastic versatility and goes with so many foods. Living basil can make any dinner into a restaurant-worthy meal.”

    Recipe by: FreshHerbCo

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    Whipping cream and egg yolks become a rich and creamy custard base for this decadent ice cream treat with fresh strawberries and dark chocolate chips.

    Recipe by: Rose

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