Onion pies and tarts (23)

    Try our savoury onion pies and onion tarts for a light weekend lunch or elegant starter. We have flaky onion and cheese tarts, onion quiche and lots more.

    Top onion pie and tart recipes

    13 reviews

    This pie is simple to prepare. Serve with a salad for dinner, or with fruit for brunch. Dry goat cheese can be used in place of feta cheese.

    Recipe by: Christine L.

    23 reviews

    A lovely cheese and onion pie done with a hot water crust pastry, which is made with milk instead of water. Tip: Use the pastry while still warm, it's easy to roll out.

    Recipe by: DonnaR200

    4 reviews

    The secret is in the pastry! If lard is not your style then it can be substituted with butter or margarine. It is simple & delicious!

    Recipe by: lib6258

    1 review

    I use a shop-bought shortcrust pastry sheet to save some time. The hardest part of this recipe is peeling and cutting the onions! Just get a tissue to wipe away your tears... it's worth it! This tart is very nice served cold and ideal for a picnic.

    Recipe by: mimichette

    No reviews

    My family is so fond of this pie that I always make two - one to eat right away, and a second one for freezing.

    Recipe by: Julian

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