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    Looking for moreish, irresistible vegan dessert recipes? We have everything from vegan chocolate cake to vegan truffles. Find luscious vegan desserts here.

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    This batter makes light, fluffy and delicious pancakes. I have been making them for years and everyone that tries them wants the recipe.

    Recipe by: NICDELIS

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    This moist, decadent cake is perfect for a party and uses basic ingredients that you're likely to have to hand. It's also vegan, though your guests will never know it!

    Recipe by: Ginger Perkins

    42 reviews

    This moist fruit cake is vegan-friendly and super-easy to make. To ensure that the cake is vegan, use a dairy-free margarine. Enjoy thickly sliced for afternoon tea.

    Recipe by: Lynn-Pgh

    12 reviews

    This is one of the first vegan cakes I ever made, after a couple of personal tweaks it is now just perfect! If heated it becomes the most amazing chocolate fudge cake - fantastic with a scoop of soya ice cream or vegan cream! As you can see the one in the photo was for a birthday, but this is an "anytime" cake! Enjoy!

    Recipe by: jammydodger

    104 reviews

    This is my basic recipe for a simple chocolate cake. It is egg free and dairy free.

    Recipe by: Jen

    14 reviews

    Velvety moist chocolate sponge. Easy to make with the basic ingredients you always have in the store cupboard.

    Recipe by: devasrs

    10 reviews

    This cake is simple and delicious. It's not only low in fat, but it's also vegan-friendly. Cinnamon and mixed spice grace this cake, giving it a wonderful warmth.

    Recipe by: jonmic

    8 reviews

    A mouth-watering chocolate cake which is extremely easy and quick to make and could easily be made vegan!

    Recipe by: BonnieG

    47 reviews

    A vegan cheesecake that tastes like real cheesecake. You might even fool non-vegans! If you are looking for a cream cheese substitute, Bute Island Foods make a vegan cream cheese. Check your local health shops or online.

    Recipe by: Maureen Cram

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    Pineapple is marinated in sweetened, spiced rum, and barbecued. Serve with ice cream for a gorgeous summer dessert.

    Recipe by: Michael Fischer

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