Borlotti beans (39)

    Find loads of ways with borlotti beans here. These beans are hearty and delicious, not to mention nutritious. In addition to tinned borlotti beans, find fresh beans in some markets, or grow your own.

    Top borlotti bean recipes

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    This is a great base recipe, and meat eaters will never guess it's vegetarian!

    Recipe by: julieliz

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    This is a quick and easy supper, that is lovely and filling, and uses mainly store cupboard ingredients. Serves two hungry people, or any leftovers can be heated up the next day for lunch.

    Recipe by: liz_steel

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    Tostadas comes from the Spanish word for toasted – in Mexico it refers to flat, crisply toasted corn tortillas, topped with all sorts of savoury things. Poached chicken with beans and salad is a favourite. A base layer of a thick mixture – often refried beans, but here a spicy pepper and tomato mixture – keeps everything together.

    Recipe by: Azmina Govindji

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    This salad is simple to make & you can alter the types of beans or herbs & spices to make it to suit whatever you're eating it with. It's a family favourite at BBQs or in packed lunch boxes!

    Recipe by: Vickie1

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    This thick and hearty vegetable soup flavoured with pancetta and Parmesan cheese rind will warm any cold day. This minestrone is almost more like a vegetable stew than a soup, so enjoy it as a main.

    Recipe by: Aldo

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