Chocolate meringue recipes

Find deliciously light chocolate chip meringues, chocolate mocha meringues, as well as chocolate meringue icing for cakes and cupcakes.

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This is a creamy chocolate icing with flecks of hard chocolate.

Recipe by: syd

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This is a recipe for petits fours sized chocolate meringue tartlets. Fantastic treat for adult birthdays, dinner party desserts or Valentine's Day!

Recipe by: genevievescuisine

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These little meringues make a perfect low fat chocolate fix.

Recipe by: Madonna

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Meringues made to look like mushrooms! These make wonderful Christmas gifts or are great for adding some finishing touches to your chocolate yule log or Christmas cake.

Recipe by: Holly Wilkins

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These meringue biscuits are light and very chocolaty. Beaten egg whites are flavoured with cocoa and dark chocolate before being baked to perfection. Enjoy with a big mug of tea.

Recipe by: Caroline

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This is a handy dessert for anyone with a sweet tooth but who has to survive on a strict sugar-free diet!

Recipe by: MCLIFTER

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Easy to make and easy to eat!

Recipe by: Leah Perez

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This was a complete triumph of a dessert and so simple to make. The chocolate pavlova was really scrummy. Try it - it will wow your friends and family.

Recipe by: Cupcakehoney

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These meringues are simple to make and taste fantastic. They are flavoured with dark chocolate or instant espresso. For a nice change, why not try both and create a mocha meringue?

Recipe by: BärbelS

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The lovely chocolate filling in this pie is creamy and very chocolaty. It's cooked in a double boiler until thick, then poured into a baked pastry case and slathered with meringue. After six minutes in a hot oven, it's done!

Recipe by: Carol Hudson

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