Spinach lasagne

Whether you fancy a creamy spinach and ricotta lasagne or a tasty, lean turkey and spinach lasagne - find plenty of inspiration here.

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So yummy you won't know it's actually low fat! This is an easy lasagne recipe, and you can also substitute minced turkey or another veggie for the spinach.

Recipe by: LSPACE

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This vegetarian version of the Italian classic uses no-precook pasta sheets so it is really quick to assemble.

Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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A delicious version of lasagne for those of us who are health conscious.

Recipe by: Chuck

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Tasty lasagne with a unique flavour using St Helen's Farm goats' products. To make it truly vegetarian, use a Parmesan-style cheese without animal rennet.

Recipe by: StHelensFarm

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Salmon and spinach lasagne is an absolutely terrific innovation and so delicious with the creamy garlic white sauce. A great option for freezing into batches and enjoying again at a later date.

Recipe by: Karin50

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This lasagne is for anyone who doesn't like tomato pasta sauce - it's a creamy white lasagne with spinach and sausage.

Recipe by: JOBARBARA

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This is a filling main dish that I created for my vegetarian sister-in-law but now cook regularly for the whole family.

Recipe by: Denise Smith

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Scrumptious lasagne with basil pesto, spinach and plenty of bubbly cheese.

Recipe by: JAMON0126

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Not a true lasagne, but a wonderfully rich and creamy bake that is sure to please the entire family. Here's an idea: roast two chickens on a Sunday, have one for lunch, then save the other to make this later in the week.

Recipe by: Sue

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An especially lovely and hearty lasagne. The gorgeous green colour and flavour of spinach lasagne sheets layered with minces of pork, beef and ham as well as beautifully earthy chicken livers and salty bacon will assure that your meaty lasagne needs are beautifully met! Herbs, spices, cheeses, veg and the creamy béchamel sauce only add to this rich beautiful Italian lasagne. A bit of extra work, but so very worth it.

Recipe by: Arianna

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