Christmas ginger biscuits

    Find Christmas ginger biscuit and cookie recipes including easy gingerbread men, festive gingerbread biscotti, chocolate dipped ginger biscuits and more!

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    It's great fun to make these soft and chewy gingerbread men. Decorating them will keep the kids occupied for hours! Remember to make enough to give as gifts to your neighbours.

    Recipe by: hisacke

    25 reviews

    Delicious gingerbread men. Easy to make and taste great! Children can help, too. Find a selection of anything you like to decorate the gingerbread men with. Writing icing helps stick the sweets and bits down.

    Recipe by: Arends_15

    1083 reviews

    Adorable and edible spicy gingerbread men. This is the only recipe we have ever used.

    Recipe by: STEPH67

    127 reviews

    Great biscuits for a children's party. They can decorate them any way they like.

    Recipe by: Heather

    84 reviews

    Every Christmas I design a new pattern and make a gingerbread house. The kids love to help decorate. This recipe is enough to make one gingerbread house.

    Recipe by: JBS BOX

    326 reviews

    These are the best gingerbread men I've ever eaten. This gingerbread recipe doesn't call for all the treacle common in many recipes. They have a nice light flavour with a hint of orange.

    Recipe by: JBS BOX

    14 reviews

    Delicious gingery biscuits, which come out of the oven soft and then harden as they cool. An old-fashioned childhood favourite.

    Recipe by: FADEDDREAMS

    62 reviews

    A Christmas favourite, these gingerbread men are as tasty as they are cute!

    Recipe by: Joyce Johnson

    125 reviews

    This biscuits are lightly spiced and incredibly addictive! A gingerbread dough is enriched with cinnamon, ginger and black treacle, stamped into gingerbread men shapes and baked to perfection.

    Recipe by: Annamaria

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    The perfect Christmas food gift for any foodie. Gingerbread biscuit mix is layered in a jar and tagged with instructions. You can also attach a Christmas-shaped cutter to the jar, if you wish.

    Recipe by: Staci

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