Smoked salmon starters

Smoked salmon makes an elegant starter for Christmas dinner or a special meal. From smoked salmon and fennel salad to smoked salmon cheesecake - you're sure to find plenty of inspiration for smoked salmon starters.

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This is a very easy recipe and a simple starter for dinner parties or Christmas. It's important to drain as much water out of the cucumber before serving - otherwise, it could be too watery.

Recipe by: Capucine

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Super easy yet sophisticated smoked salmon tartlets. These mini tarts make a lovely starter with some green salad.

Recipe by: Gitano

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Smoked salmon, tomato and onion make up this refreshing salad. Sometimes the salmon is salty enough; taste it first before adding any salt.

Recipe by: SAXONY

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A delicious spread made by combining cream cheese, soured cream, double cream, lemon pepper, dill, spring onions and smoked salmon. Serve with crackers, crostini or crusty bread.

Recipe by: soccergirl37

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This creamy terrine is made with a mixture of smoked salmon and cooked fresh salmon and is well worth making for a dinner party or special occassion.

Recipe by: Yann44

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Cucumber, smoked salmon, cream cheese, lemon and fresh dill are the perfect combination for a light bite to have as part of a sharing platter before dinner.

Recipe by: RuthE

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This kind of came together by experimenting around Christmas time with smoked salmon - it worked out so well, I serve it quite alot now on other special occasions.

Recipe by: mimichette

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Smoked salmon is blended with cream cheese and seasonings to make this delicious spread. Serve as an party snack with crackers, crositini or crusty bread.

Recipe by: Toni

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This is a delicious lower-fat version of smoked salmon cream cheese spread. With lemon, capers, dill and chives it is bound to be a crowd-pleasing nibble. Serve with crackers or toasted baguette.

Recipe by: ERIKAROSE

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A sophisticated appetiser, which is quick and easy to make. A delicious goat cheese and smoked salmon mousse is spread between layers of crackers and served.

Recipe by: Lucie

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