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    Try one of our deliciously different chocolate trifle recipes as a change from traditional sherry trifles.

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    I adored black forest gateaux in the 70s and loved trifle so decided I would fuse the two. You can make it all from scratch but also easy to substitute ready made goods if you don't have the inclination. The ingredients are split to enable you to decide at each 'layer'.

    Recipe by: stuartd

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    Not just another trifle, this one is very yummy indeed! Someone gave me the recipe and they got it from somewhere else, so I have no idea where it originated. Everyone who tries it wants to know the secret, but it's no secret so feel free to share. You can make your own custard or save time and just use shop-bought, why not!

    Recipe by: Gaye

    2 reviews

    This is perhaps the most decadent trifle recipe in existence! It's quite versatile, and if you are pressed for time you can use shop-bought chocolate cake or brownies. Add your own variations, such as fresh fruit or a sprinkling of your favourite liqueur.

    Recipe by: sweettooth

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    A popular trifle for children, or for anyone that does not like traditional trifle. Has been a firm favorite with my family for 20 years.

    Recipe by: mabey64

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    Cool, creamy layers of chocolate cream and coconut cream make this trifle special. Super easy to make! Try toasting the coconut that you use to garnish the top of the trifle, and you could also sprinkle the top with some chocolate shavings.

    Recipe by: terezinha

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    Combine the flavours of chocolate and orange to make this decadent and rich chocolate orange trifle, perfect for ending an indulgent meal with a bang.

    Recipe by: JamieS

    4 reviews

    A deliciously different trifle with a chocolate theme. Kahlua soaked chocolate cake is layered with chocolate mousse, crushed Daim bars and whipped cream.

    Recipe by: Sue Cauch

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    A delicious gooey rich chocolate flavoured trifle. This is triple chocolate - chocolate cake, chocolate custard and fudge sauce - plus fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

    Recipe by: cwhittall

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    An extremely indulgent dessert, perfect for special occasions! Chocolate banana ganache is layered with brownies, chocolate mousse and whipped cream.

    Recipe by: HeatherMay

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    This is my own invention and is the quickest, easiest but most commented on dessert ever. It is also very adaptable taste wise and I have included some suggestions in the notes. The base can be prepared well beforehand and finished in 2 minutes when needed. Make it in an ovenproof glass or pyrex bowl so the layers show through. Every time I've made it for friends and visitors they have been desperate to have the recipe and make it themselves. But until now, I have never disclosed my secret...

    Recipe by: Janej47

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