Sherry trifle recipes (22)

    There's no better way to celebrate old-fashioned desserts than with a sherry trifle! Find sherry trifle recipes that have been handed down through the generations!

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    A perfect Sunday dessert. Sherry-soaked raspberries are layered with sherry-soaked sponge fingers and a gorgeous vanilla pastry cream. The top is garnished with macaroons for a final touch. Make any time of year, as you can use frozen raspberries for this trifle as well.

    Recipe by: nadia

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    Summer is not complete without the perfect strawberry trifle. Although this trifle cheats a little in its preparation, layer upon layer of total deliciousness will keep family and friends coming back for more long after they are full. This trifle is at its best when using fresh, sun-warmed local strawberries from May through August. Add quince jelly to the trifle both as a layer above the sponge and whisked into the cream for an extra wow factor.

    Recipe by: geneviever

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    I got this recipe from my cousin. It's very easy to make and this is her recipe for the sponge.

    Recipe by: Susan

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    I make this trifle for the family. It usually manages about 8 portions, unless you are greedy like me and finish it in 4 sittings. You can make it with or without brandy, scotch or flavouring of your choice. Allow two days setting before serving.

    Recipe by: DaveDoncaster

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    Everyone loves a trifle. In this lavish, super-quick version, moist almond macaroons laced with sherry are topped with tropical fruit, smooth custard and thick cream.

    Recipe by: Jan Cutler

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