Trifle sponge recipes

    Find suitable plain sponge recipes, Savoiardi or sponge finger recipes that'll help you create the perfect trifle or tiramisu dessert.

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    A versatile orange sponge that's perfect on its own, or deliciously different for a trifle.

    Recipe by: Jackie Lim

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    Yes, you can buy good sponge fingers so easily, but this homemade sponge finger recipe is practically just as easy as running to the shop. Have a go at making your own sponge fingers for trifles or tiramisu.

    Recipe by: Roxanne

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    A true sponge has no fat and no leavening agents. This will be sure to become your staple sponge cake recipe, to enjoy on its own or in trifles or other recipes. This sponge is enough for one cake of 25cm diameter or a Swiss roll.

    Recipe by: lirum_larum_löffelstiel

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    A fatless sponge that could not be easier. Use this sponge as an easy, fail-safe starting point for your favourite cakes and desserts. This is nice layered with cream and fruit, as well as in a trifle!

    Recipe by: Jonathan

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    Sponge fingers good for a trifle or spot of tea.

    Recipe by: Dan Stanley

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    A traditional Maltese dessert prepared especially for Carnival. The name 'prinjolata' comes from the word ‘prinjol’ which means pine nuts in Maltese. The prinjolata is a delicious carnival cake that is instantly recognizable from its unusual shape. When ready, the prinjolata resembles a snow capped mountain.

    Recipe by: NCE

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    This chilled dessert is a sort of Brazilian trifle with layers of sponge fingers, tinned peaches, prunes and a rich peachy cream.

    Recipe by: Nina

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    Pavê is a Brazilian layered dessert similar to a trifle, normally made with digestive biscuits or sponge fingers. This one is made with sponge fingers and fresh pineapple. The tin of condensed milk is used for measuring the ingredients.

    Recipe by: Rachell

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    A great stand-by dessert. I use it over and over again. I've suggested apples and blackberries in this recipe, but I've done it with all sorts of things like raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, rhubarb, pears, mango, orange, tinned peaches. Just adjust the cooking of the fruit to suit your chosen fruit or preference. I've cooked the apples and blackberries but wouldn't bother with tropical fruits for example.

    Recipe by: sparkalex

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