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    In this classic soup, paper-thin slices of beef are cooked with rice noodles in individual serving bowls into which hot beef stock, herbs and spices have been added. For a more authentic tasting pho - you will need to go to an Asian shop and buy pho stock cubes.

    Recipe by: Maryellen

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    Bursting with flavour, this main-course beef soup is packed with vegetables and noodles. If you can't get fresh lime leaves easily, they are available in jars at some supermarkets. You can eat the noodles, beef and vegetables with chopsticks, then enjoy the soup with a spoon.

    Recipe by: Azmina Govindji

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    Punchy flavours and aromatic ingredients transform a light broth into an exotic dish that makes a substantial starter or a light meal. The ingredients are not fried before being simmered – making this a great low-fat soup – so select prime-quality lean steak which tastes excellent when poached.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    This spicy beef and mushroom soup is great as a starter or a main, with buckwheat noodles its very warming and filling

    Recipe by: kassjazz

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    Lean steak is flash-fried then added to a full-flavoured beef stock with oriental vegetables and nests of fine egg noodles in this attractive noodle-bar favourite. Delicious!

    Recipe by: Jan Cutler

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    An authentic South Vietnamese-style pho. A richly seasoned beef stock is served with rice noodles and thinly sliced beef.

    Recipe by: LETT101

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    Hand-pulled noodles are a tradition from Lanzhou in northwest China. Called Lamian, the 2 to 3 metre-long noodles are made simply with water, flour and patience! Served with a delicate beef broth, this is a truly special Chinese regional dish.

    Recipe by: Ping Lo

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    The secret to Vietnamese noodle soup (pho) is all in the stock. Nothing makes a better stock than a pressure cooker, such as the Instant Pot®. Fairly quickly, a pressure cooker brings together all the flavours of meat bones and toasted spices to make a delicious, savoury stock. To serve, put small bowls containing thinly sliced onion, beansprouts, limes and Thai basil on the table. Give each guest a bowl of pho and let them top the soup as they wish.

    Recipe by: Shauna James Ahern

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    An Asian inspired noodle soup with strips of steak and vegetables in a fragrant ginger broth that's easy to make.

    Recipe by: Islandartist

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    Hot stock is poured over thin slices of beef, cooking the meat, and the soup is then garnished with basil, coriander, beansprouts and lime wedges.

    Recipe by: MARYLEVER

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