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Find delicious brandy custard-style sauce recipes to accompany the Christmas pudding, mince pies or Christmas crumble.

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No Christmas pudding is complete without brandy sauce! This sauce is a brandy flavoured custard, which is quick and easy to make and tastes fantastic.

Recipe by: isobel

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Looking for the perfect custard recipe? This is it. A gorgeous custard recipe I use in my restaurant. Freeze egg whites for another use rather than wasting them by throwing them out. Or even better, make into meringues, and serve with this custard!

Recipe by: almico

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A traditional recipe for brandy sauce. This brandy sauce is easy to make and a lighter alternative to brandy butter. Enjoy!

Recipe by: vickie

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This is the old-fashioned brandy sauce that I make for our family Christmas. Best to make this right before serving the Christmas pudding but it won't take you long to make.

Recipe by: margaret_fullington

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This is a simple custard-style brandy sauce to serve with Christmas pudding or bread and butter pudding. It's also nice with a little orange zest added to it before serving, if you like.

Recipe by: mrsnorris

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Brandy sauce can still be enjoyed by those who can't have eggs! This is a delicious eggless rendition on the classic brandy sauce.

Recipe by: cupcake97

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