Mushroom pate recipes

Find easy, flavourful mushroom pâté recipes using a wide range of mushroom types for a delicious homemade starter or picnic fare.

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I got this recipe from a winery at a tasting. It is so delicious on baguette with some wine. For a chunkier consistency, you can fold in additional chopped walnuts at the end. I couldn't stop eating it at the tasting and neither could any of the other tasters!

Recipe by: w

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Golden chanterelle mushrooms and minced pork combine to create this deliciously rich pate.

Recipe by: Anne-Marie Bullis

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This is a very good way of using up scraps of cheese, as well as making a healthy, satisfying snack or lunch.

Recipe by: Chrissie Lloyd

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A throwback to the 60's! This is a chunkier pate that's easy to make with cooked liver sausage instead of having to cook chicken livers. Serve at parties or as a starter with toast.

Recipe by: margaret_fullington

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