Silverside beef

    Silverside beef joints are perfect for pot roasts, stews or homemade corned beef recipes - anything that requires long, slow cooking.

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    A slow cooked silverside joint of beef that's delicious served with roasted vegetables and lots of mash and gravy.

    Recipe by: Teresa

    4 reviews

    Silverside is a lean cut of beef, but you can also use plain or salt brisket. The dumplings puff to twice their original size, so allow plenty of room in the casserole.

    Recipe by: Chrissie Lloyd

    41 reviews

    Dad has always been the master of this recipe which has been handed down from his parents. He makes it every week for a snack. It's beautiful cold and fills the house with that lovely smell of cloves. Once the meat is cold, the slices are just so tender, its brilliant. You can make it with a white mustard sauce too if you are having it for dinner.

    Recipe by: Kabee

    1 review

    This all-in-one Spanish meal couldn't be easier. Use your pressure cooker for a quick meal in minutes that tastes slow-cooked!

    Recipe by: Luis Luna

    2 reviews

    A mouth watering easy peasy way to do your beef without it shrinking. This is a way to cook it low and slow on the hob.

    Recipe by: mummygatiss

    2 reviews

    Nothing beats a succulent joint of Greek roast beef. Roast meat - lamb, chicken, beef - and potatoes is ubiquitous in Greece, and this version is a slight twist on the classic. Instead of the usual lemons, this calls for orange juice as well.

    Recipe by: Diana

    7 reviews

    I originally made this whilst living in New Zealand some years ago and adapted it to suit my taste. I have made this many times now in the UK and goes down a treat. I usually order the corned silverside from my local butcher 6 or 7 days in advance as I can never find it in the supermarkets. You could omit the beer but it just does not taste the same without.

    Recipe by: k28slm

    11 reviews

    A traditional Italian dish of beef rolled, slow cooked in a luscious tomato sauce. You need a bit of patience, but it is actually an easy dish to prepare. Serve with polenta or mashed potatoes, or use the sauce to toss with pasta.

    Recipe by: Lee

    107 reviews

    This slow cooked beef provides you with a delicious gravy. We always have this meal with mounds of mashed potatoes with vegetables on the side. Great on a cold winter evening!

    Recipe by: J.Stewart

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    This great winter dish will warm the cockles of your heart. Layers of beef silverside, potatoes and carrots are cooked to perfection in the slow cooker.

    Recipe by: vegemite

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