Silverside beef

    Silverside beef joints are perfect for pot roasts, stews or homemade corned beef recipes - anything that requires long, slow cooking.

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    Super-easy beef pot roast that always tastes delicious. It's important to use top quality grass-fed, pasture-raised beef. I don't often buy beef, but when I do I always buy the best.

    Recipe by: Elke_04315

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    This is corned beef cooked the way my mum made it. Great alternative for Sunday lunch, or make at the weekend to have to hand for the week's packed lunches. Freeze any leftovers for corned beef hash.

    Recipe by: mooey

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    A silverside roast is slowly cooked to tender perfection for meat that slices perfectly for dinner or roast beef sandwiches.

    Recipe by: bd.weld

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    Caramelised onion and fennel gravy is served over braised beef. Serve this pot roast with crusty bread or mash to mop up all the delicious sauce.

    Recipe by: jnsjnk

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    I made this recipe up as I went, but it was really successful. I did not measure out the spices, but just use a generous amount of each and you should be fine.

    Recipe by: a.jarvis

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    Traditional Irish spiced beef is a must for Christmas. Here is my recipe, which I made last year very successfully. I would like your comments if you decide to make it. I plan to make another this year.

    Recipe by: danielrwalsh

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