Vegetarian pate recipes

    Find vegetarian pate recipes made with nuts or lentils, butternut squash and other vegetables, mushrooms and more.

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    I got this recipe from a winery at a tasting. It is so delicious on baguette with some wine. For a chunkier consistency, you can fold in additional chopped walnuts at the end. I couldn't stop eating it at the tasting and neither could any of the other tasters!

    Recipe by: w

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    This is a cooked pate made with veggies and seeds. It's filling and great to make when you're expecting some vegetarian guests. It's up to you if you want to change the herbs for spices, such as curry or chilli powder.

    Recipe by: Paula

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    Quick and easy and very tasty. Another very elastic recipe, you can change the quantities of any of the ingredients without any drastic change in taste. Serve with crackers, French bread or melba toast.

    Recipe by: CookingCatherine

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    A vegetarian pâté of lentils, richly flavoured with truffle oil. Always a winner for a vegetarian starter or buffet.

    Recipe by: Cathi

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    This is a very good way of using up scraps of cheese, as well as making a healthy, satisfying snack or lunch.

    Recipe by: Chrissie Lloyd

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    An easy recipe for an impressive and delicious result! Ideal as a starter at a dinner party, or boxed up for lunch at work.

    Recipe by: kirstymarie99

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    I mix cottage cheese with a little bit of cream cheese to cut down fat and calories for this creamy spread.

    Recipe by: A. Kunzel

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    This delicious vegetarian pâté tastes great on toast. Serve on crostini for a colourful party nibble.

    Recipe by: SABRINATEE

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    Surprise yourself with this scrummy pate using leftover cooked sprouts. Takes literally 5 minutes if you have cooked sprouts. Serve on crackers or with a salad. Good talking point with friends or relatives - they will not have heard of it before but it is really good. I love it.

    Recipe by: richmar

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