Chocolate orange cake (20)

    Chocolate and orange - a classic, delicious combination. Make your very own chocolate orange cake with any of our easy peasy recipes.

    Top chocolate orange cake recipes

    126 reviews

    Very moist and different. A great cake.

    Recipe by: AHUSIOW

    9 reviews

    I wanted to create a cake with the same sort of flavours as a jaffa cake. This is what I came up with!

    Recipe by: Sultanapple

    5 reviews

    A moist orange sponge with decadent chocolate orange morsels and is topped and filled with a rich American-style frosting.

    Recipe by: HTariq

    2 reviews

    Combine the killer combination of chocolate and orange with a moist, crumbly sponge cake and you have a winner - not to mention its marble appearance which makes it even more appealing. My younger brother requires a constant supply of this while he's revising for his exams. Warning: seriously addictive!

    Recipe by: Roxanna

    2 reviews

    Really rich cheesecake that is great for special occasions and impressing people. Ha ha! It also tastes AMAZING :)

    Recipe by: ChocolatCharlie

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