Chocolate orange cake

Chocolate and orange - a classic, delicious combination. Make your very own chocolate orange cake with any of our easy peasy recipes.

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I wanted to create a cake with the same sort of flavours as a jaffa cake. This is what I came up with!

Recipe by: Sultanapple

5 reviews

A moist orange sponge with decadent chocolate orange morsels and is topped and filled with a rich American-style frosting.

Recipe by: HTariq

122 reviews

Very moist and different. A great cake.

Recipe by: AHUSIOW

2 reviews

Combine the killer combination of chocolate and orange with a moist, crumbly sponge cake and you have a winner - not to mention its marble appearance which makes it even more appealing. My younger brother requires a constant supply of this while he's revising for his exams. Warning: seriously addictive!

Recipe by: Roxanna

2 reviews

Really rich cheesecake that is great for special occasions and impressing people. Ha ha! It also tastes AMAZING :)

Recipe by: ChocolatCharlie

20 reviews

A moist cake that combines chocolate and orange with a pretty marbled effect. Easy to make, and perfect for chocolate orange lovers. Use your favourite orange liqueur, such as Cointreau or Grand Marnier. Or, simply use extra orange juice if you don't have orange liqueur to hand.

Recipe by: Carol

1 review

I've been wondering for ages, how to make a jaffa cake with orange glaze icing? Then I remembered my nan's mum's recipe my mum gave me. This is a lovely chocolate cake, which orange bursts out just at the end! I hope you enjoy!!

Recipe by: Monkeymonkey00

1 review

Very tasty little cakes that are sure to be a hit with all, with a hint of cocoa and orange flavouring.

Recipe by: Mixadish

No reviews

These orange and white chocolate chip cupcakes are an ideal treat for a birthday party or any other gathering. They are topped with a lemon or orange icing - the choice is yours. Top with grated white chocolate curls for a pretty presentation.

Recipe by: abbze4

40 reviews

The wonderful combination of orange and chocolate are brought together in this cake. Moist orange sponge cake layers are sandwiched together with chocolate ganache and orange cream cheese.

Recipe by: schmerna

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