Banana carrot cake

Combine two of your favourite cakes into one with our banana carrot cake recipes. Moist, delicious and full of gorgeous fruit and veg!

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This low fat carrot banana cake or loaf combines two of my favourites: carrot cake and banana bread. This isn't as sweet and decadent as a carrot cake, and calls for far less oil or butter, making it nice for a breakfast treat or for afternoon snacking. Enjoy sliced with a cuppa.

Recipe by: healthy_cake_lover

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This carrot banana cake recipe was passed down to me by my mum. It's simple to make, uses few ingredients and tastes wonderful.

Recipe by: Suze

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A delicious take on a truly classic recipe. This cake combines the best of both worlds as it is a banana cake and a carrot cake in one. The cream cheese icing is a must - it really makes the cake!

Recipe by: BigIssueInTheNorth

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This carrot cake is moist and incredibly fruity. Pineapple, desiccated coconut, bananas and sultanas are joined with carrots in this wonderful treat. Enjoy as is or top with your favourite icing.

Recipe by: JakiLafaele

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Three of the best cakes combined into one! A classic banana loaf cake is given a twist with the addition of grated carrots and courgette. Bake this in a loaf, or try muffins.

Recipe by: WillowB

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The key to keeping this carrot cake moist is the addition of mashed bananas. If you skip the icing, this cake becomes dairy free.

Recipe by: Jane_245

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Wholemeal flour, oats, sultanas and sunflower seeds make this carrot and banana cake a tasty and healthy treat.

Recipe by: sweettooth

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