Lemon sponge cake

Browse our lemon sponge cake recipes for a light and luscious sponge with a welcome hint of bright citrus flavour. Spread with lemon curd for a lemony treat.

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This is a very light and moist lemon sponge cake. It is a favourite with friends and family and especially the children. It isn't too sharp and not too sweet either. Definitely worth a try!

Recipe by: chelliebewley

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A zesty twist on a traditional favourite and perfect to offset the sweetness of the filling. Uses the traditional "thirds" technique.

Recipe by: vryan

6 reviews

This Madeira cake is easy to make, delicious and they will all be coming back for more! No-fuss Madeira cake with traditional ingredients - butter, flour, sugar, eggs, flour and a hint of lemon.

Recipe by: Miranda-Amanda

184 reviews

This is a very lovely and light lemon cake, made with lemon and yoghurt. Use cake flour or sponge flour for best results, though plain flour can be used in a pinch.

Recipe by: carol

3 reviews

A lusciously moist and light lemon sponge cake is sandwiched with your favourite raspberry preserves and topped with a light icing. Pure heaven!

Recipe by: margaret_fullington

92 reviews

A lovely, light, layered lemon cake filled with a fresh cream filling. Decorate the top with lemon slices or grated lemon zest.

Recipe by: Carol

117 reviews

This easy cake is quick to throw together. It's light and packed full of lemony flavour. Enjoy with a light dusting of icing sugar or drizzle with a lemon sugar glaze.

Recipe by: Erica

3 reviews

Learned this recipe from a Greek friend, many years ago. If you have a sweet tooth, this is for you!

Recipe by: BusyNan

18 reviews

This cake recipe is about 60 years old. I hope that you will enjoy this one.

Recipe by: Carol

1 review

This light fresh zesty lemon sponge with a lemon cream filling is irresistible. Very special as a birthday cake, or for an Easter or Mother's Day dessert.

Recipe by: swampygirl

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