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    Ruby red raspberries make a delicious and pretty addition to loads of different cakes. Try our raspberry cake recipes for raspberry cheesecakes, raspberry lemon cake and lots more.

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    8 reviews

    These cheesecake slices are absolutely heavenly, and good for those who are just starting out with baking cheesecakes. It's also nice to enjoy the sunny flavour of raspberries, even when they're not in season, thanks to the use of frozen raspberries. You could use frozen strawberries as well to change the flavour of this luscious cheesecake!

    Recipe by: sweettooth

    3 reviews

    A lusciously moist and light lemon sponge cake is sandwiched with your favourite raspberry preserves and topped with a light icing. Pure heaven!

    Recipe by: margaret_fullington

    301 reviews

    This moist, light cake is "berry" delicious. This recipe doubles well.

    Recipe by: Melissa Marsh

    9 reviews

    My mum doesn't like sweet things as a general rule, but these are her favourites. I made them up on a sunny Sunday afternoon with some leftover raspberries.

    Recipe by: alicarrington

    5 reviews

    Lovely traybake, which can be eaten cold, cut into squares, or heated with custard or clotted cream!

    Recipe by: Jenowuk

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