Peach cake

Plump and juicy peaches make a delicious appearance in loads of cake recipes, from peach upside down cake to peach ginger cake and lots more.

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This lovely sponge cake dotted with chopped fresh peaches and blueberries epitomises summer! Serve with freshly whipped cream.

Recipe by: MartijnvanS

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An extremely light and easy to make cake that is topped with fresh peach slices. A nice pud after a summer meal.

Recipe by: Karen

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The Far Breton is a traditional Breton dessert, a custard-like cake with fruit. One peach makes this recipe to serve 8, so it is not only easy, it is inexpensive. I used a yellow peach, but a white peach would be lovely as well.

Recipe by: Anizou

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There's hardly any butter in this amazingly fast cake and it still tastes great. I usually use fresh peaches, but peaches from a tin work well too. You can decorate the cake with a sprinkling of icing sugar before serving.

Recipe by: lirum_larum_löffelstiel

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This gluten free upside down cake is fruity, sweet and a delightful wheat-free dessert option. I used peaches, plums and raspberries but feel free to adapt to whatever you have on hand.

Recipe by: geneviever

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This lovely moist peach cake uses tinned peaches for simplicity making this a great recipe to have on hand for last minute guests.

Recipe by: Jenny

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This delightful recipe makes one fresh peach loaf cake, ideal for afternoon tea with friends, bake sales or summer fêtes.

Recipe by: MrsMJones

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Fresh peaches and virtually-fat-free fromage frais combine in this delicious quick bread, which is just as perfect for brunch as it is at teatime.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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Fresh peaches folded into a buttery sponge mixture, baked to a light, fluffy and fruity finish. Try it with plums or apricots as well, it will be a lovely pud every time.

Recipe by: Dent norton

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A tangy, moist, peachy ginger cake!

Recipe by: dragonlady5

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