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    Add a tropical twist to your cake baking routine with our fruity mango cakes. We have upside-down mango sponge, mango cheesecake and lots more.

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    Mango is so underused in cakes and muffins. Why not try it in this luscious, moist tea time cake? It infuses any occasion with a bit of tropical flavour and is a nice change from the norm.

    Recipe by: Chinky Viola

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    In this unusual upside-down cake, juicy slices of mango are topped with a simple, light sponge mixture flavoured with lime zest and coconut. After baking, the cake is turned out so that the fruit is on top, then finished by dredging with icing sugar and caramelising under a hot grill.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    Ripe mangoes steal the show in this easy peasy cheesecake recipe. The passion fruit at the end is of course optional, but it makes for an impressive presentation. Make it the day before so it can chill overnight. Use tinned mango if out of season.

    Recipe by: Mum2Boys

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    This recipe calls for palm sugar (also known as jaggery). It's popular in Asian cookery and is usually made from cane sugar and coconut palm sap. If you’re unable to find palm sugar, substitute demerara or light muscovado sugar instead. This is from my book 'Special Cupcakes' which is full of exciting ideas with interesting ingredients and unusual flavours.

    Recipe by: Wendy Sweetser

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    This is a tropical take on the classic cheesecake. A digestive biscuit base is filled with a cream cheese filling, then topped with a mango topping. Make sure that you use firm mangoes in this recipe.

    Recipe by: TNARINESINGH

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    Colourful, tropical mango is the perfect match for an upside down cake. I made this for a dinner party and everyone adored it. I love the touch of honey, too - it goes so well with the mango.

    Recipe by: kristen

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    This recipe is a delicious way to use fruit that you don't want to go to waste. Mango and raspberry are a terrific combination, but feel free to substitute other fruits such as blueberries, peaches, apples or strawberries. No fruit to hand? This is just as delicious without!

    Recipe by: naples34102

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    This is the first time I have tried make a Caribbean style dessert and it is amazing. Sweet yet spicy – this goes perfectly with a cup of tea. Enjoy with a healthy dollop of butter and eat in the afternoon sun!

    Recipe by: davidptk

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    Perfect cheesecake with a subtle tang to finish off a beautiful dessert!! No-bake mango cheesecake has a passionfruit glaze.

    Recipe by: GordonEvans

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    Michelin starred French chef Raymond Blanc has very kindly donated a 'tree cake' for our campaign. Raymond belives that "The tree, since the beginning of time, has meant food and shelter. TREE AID's Christmas Cake Bake is a wonderful way to remind us all of this, and to ensure that villages in Africa can share in the bounty afforded by trees."

    Recipe by: treeaid

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