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    For a tried and true baked New York cheesecake recipe, look no further. We have rich and delicious New York cheesecakes from home cooks like you!

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    A dense, thick cheesecake with a shortbread base. You'll never use another cheesecake recipe after you try this!

    Recipe by: Sandy

    604 reviews

    This is the best cheesecake recipe ever, a true New York-style cheesecake! You'll be amazed - it's so easy to impress family and friends with this cheesecake recipe. Serve on its own, or with your favourite topping.

    Recipe by: Muffy Nasner

    3 reviews

    This creamy and delightful cheesecake is easy to make and will keep your guest asking for more. When serving you can add some sort of fruit or chocolate on top to add color and appeal, plus you will be adding flavour as well.

    Recipe by: Meghan

    157 reviews

    This New York cheesecake recipe rivals the best! It uses amaretto instead of a lemon flavour and is VERY rich. It has no biscuit base to compete with its decadent flavour. Serves 16 lucky people and is best served with fresh sliced fruit or berries and fresh whipped cream.

    Recipe by: Eric Oliver

    94 reviews

    This New York-style cheesecake is fail-safe and unbelievably delicious.

    Recipe by: Kitchen Queen

    208 reviews

    This is one of the easiest cheesecake recipes around. A creamy cheesecake filling is poured on top of a biscuit base and then baked. Serve as is or with fresh berries.

    Recipe by: MHARMAN486

    75 reviews

    A simple, yet perfect cheesecake recipe. A deliciously creamy cheesecake filling, is set on top of a biscuit base and baked. Allow to sit for 1-2 days for the best flavour. Serve as is or topped with your favouring topping.

    Recipe by: JJOHN32

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    When I give these cheesecakes to friends for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, etc., they are always thrilled and surprised that it's not professionally made (I never say how easy it is to make!). See the footnotes for ideas on jazzing it up. It takes only 10 minutes prep, so have a go!

    Recipe by: Shazzbot

    1 review

    A deliciously thick and creamy cheesecake with an all butter shortcrust base. Perfect size for dinner parties!

    Recipe by: Samaj01

    20 reviews

    A New York-style baked cheesecake made with (gluten free) ginger nut biscuits and soft goat's cheese.

    Recipe by: MATHGOD

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