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A light, colourful curry that is very quick and easy to make, this is packed with antioxidant-rich vegetables. Sweet potatoes, in particular, are an excellent source of beta-carotene and vitamin C, and have a higher vitamin E content than any other vegetable. Serve with naan bread.

Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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This dish makes a colourful main for a dinner party. Potatoes, cauliflower florets and red lentils combine with onions, garlic, curry powder, ginger, tomatoes, malt vinegar and chutney.

Recipe by: DARKSTORM406

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Letting the chicken pieces sit for half an hour in a gingery marinade makes all the difference to this curry. Skinning the chicken not only does away with most of the bird's fat, it also lets the spicy flavours really permeate the flesh. Potatoes make a great addition, adding bulk to the curry.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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This simple combination of ingredients is delicious served as a side dish or as a vegetarian main course with basmati rice or warm naan bread.

Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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Sliced pork fillet is marinated in a curry paste, then stir-fried with onions, before being tossed together with potato cubes. Serve as a delicious meal on its own or with freshly cooked rice.

Recipe by: tonytsang

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A slow cooker recipe for a very tasty curry. This is an economical recipe, and is ideal when there is a vegetarian in the family. The potatoes make it a filling dish, and the aubergines and mushrooms give it interest and pleasing texture. The amount of curry paste can be changed to suit the taste of your family.

Recipe by: bretoncook

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Abundant spices make this vegan curry better than any Indian restaurant curry I've ever tasted!

Recipe by: MeganLee

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This potato curry is delicious. It's made by gently simmering potatoes with coconut cream, green chillies, curry leaves, cayenne pepper, saffron and garlic. Serve with freshly cooked rice.

Recipe by: dylani

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A delicious Thai-inspired chicken curry dish. Chicken and potatoes are simmered in a yellow coconut curry. Perfect when served with freshly cooked, white jasmine rice.

Recipe by: BlondeCook

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This curry is relatively spicy and usually served during special occasions by some communities in Malaysia. If you're really in-tune with your oriental ingredients, substitute in galangal for the ground ginger. Since this is a robust and highly flavoured curry, serve with freshly cooked rice.

Recipe by: VINCE JONES

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