Rib beef roast recipes

Find foolproof recipes for roasting a succulent rib of beef joint. This flavourful cut doesn't require much - simply season and roast to perfection!

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Few dishes can rival a magnificent traditional British roast beef with Yorkshire pudding. With a light batter, stock-based gravy and accompanying vegetables, this meal also supplies most of the nutrients we need for good health.

Recipe by: Chrissie Lloyd

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When preparing such a special cut, you needn't fuss with too many spices or ingredients. This is a foolproof method for roasting rib of beef which will yield succulent results time and time again.

Recipe by: SALSIEPIE

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A rib of beef roasted the easy way. The next time you fancy a traditional Sunday lunch - make this your centrepiece, surrounded by all the usual trimmings of roasties, veg, Yorkshire pudding and gravy.

Recipe by: Dale

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You can't beat the simple flavour of garlic, thyme and salt and pepper on a good quality rib of beef. The juices make a fantastic gravy.

Recipe by: Chef Mike

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This very flavourful roast beef is appropriate for any special occasion or Sunday lunch. The marinade in this recipe tenderises the roast and the leftovers make fantastic sandwiches.

Recipe by: William Anatooskin

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A rib of beef roast is coated in a mixture made with flour, pepper, salt, paprika, onion powder, garlic granules and celery seeds, then roasted to perfection. Serve as an alternative to Sunday lunch or on special occasions.

Recipe by: BarbaraC28

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Make a roast with a difference - not only is this roast beef succulent and juicy, it is easy to prepare. An impressive dinner party dish, especially when you crack the salt shell for your guests.

Recipe by: Dorothy Young

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Be sure and remove the coating before slicing this beef roast. You will be amazed at the juiciness and incredible flavour of the meat.

Recipe by: MARBALET

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Beef rib is coated in a paste made from salt, flour and rosemary, before being roasted to perfection. The salt crust is removed before serving. This roast beef is so full of flavour, it will knock your socks off!

Recipe by: chuck dagel

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Garlic, Dijon mustard and fresh rosemary complement a fore rib of beef perfectly! Try serving it medium rare with roasted root vegetables and steamed brussels or Savoy cabbage.

Recipe by: Sandy

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