Cheese and onion pie

A simple cheese and onion pie is a glorious thing, and we've loads of cheesy pie recipes from home cooks like you!

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A lovely cheese and onion pie done with a hot water crust pastry, which is made with milk instead of water. Tip: Use the pastry while still warm, it's easy to roll out.

Recipe by: DonnaR200

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The secret is in the pastry! If lard is not your style then it can be substituted with butter or margarine. It is simple & delicious!

Recipe by: lib6258

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This pie is simple to prepare. Serve with a salad for dinner, or with fruit for brunch. Dry goat cheese can be used in place of feta cheese.

Recipe by: Christine L.

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A simple cheese and onion pie that is quick to prepare, especially if you have a food processor to do the chopping and grating.

Recipe by: MotherhenB

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An easy cheese, onion and potato pie that's filling and good enough to eat warm or cold. Also possible to use sliced leeks instead of onion.


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The ultimate in comfort food! A heavenly, light cheesy cross between a pie and a souffle - perfect with freshly baked bread or a green salad. As it only takes half hour to make, it's a wonderful, quick supper.

Recipe by: Jenowuk

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This makes a flan with 18cm diameter. If you want to make a larger flan, use more onion and extra eggs.

Recipe by: A. West

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