Cuts of chicken (2078)

Find great recipe ideas for a whole chicken, or easy chicken breast recipes and flavourful recipes for thighs, chicken drumsticks and wings.


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Chicken drumsticks with a bit of sweetness and spice.

Recipe by: Margot McKinney

29 reviews

A very simple and tasty dish, great for a weekday supper. Always impresses when I cook it for guests too and it can be prepared in advance and just popped in the oven, so no slaving away in the kitchen. This is very adaptable, you can literally just about throw anything in, I have listed what I usually include. A fantastic way to use up whatever veg you have left at the end of the week too!

Recipe by: emjay

10 reviews

A well-seasoned chicken is cooked at a high heat for a speedy roast that leaves the bird moist and flavourful.

Recipe by: Nancy

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Authentic and delicious tandoori chicken isn't hard to master -- this tandoori chicken recipe is simple and unbelievably tasty.

Recipe by: manju

25 reviews

This is a basic, easy stew made with chicken legs or chicken breasts. I like to use a base of onions, celery, and carrots but you could really use any vegetables.

Recipe by: Ita

Chicken videos

Pineapple chicken stir fry
Pineapple chicken stir fry
Coq au vin
Coq au vin
Chicken fritters
Chicken fritters

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