Chicken risotto

Find recipes for creamy chicken and mushroom risotto, a chicken curry risotto that uses leftover chicken, chicken and asparagus risotto and even a chicken and strawberry risotto!

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This is a delicious use of leftover roast chicken, a treat for a Monday night supper! You may choose to roast your own chicken or buy it from the supermarket. A little grated cheese such as Parmesan or Pecorino Romano before serving is also a nice touch.

Recipe by: Michele O'Sullivan

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A creamy risotto with a spicy kick which is perfect for a weekday comforting meal or equally good dressed up for a dinner party served in posh bowls with a crisp salad on the side. Very tasty and simple to make.

Recipe by: oddbird1

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A wonderfully hearty risotto that is creamier than most. Makes a warming meal. See the footnotes for variations - such as mushroom instead of asparagus. Even my unadventurous and uber-carnivorous brother thinks it's delicious!

Recipe by: chorazy

7 reviews

This creamy risotto is easy to prepare, but makes an elegant satisfying dish for company with its colourful spinach and chunks of grilled chicken.

Recipe by: Jan Cutler

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This is a unique risotto that also works equally well with scallops or prawns. It still tastes savoury, but it's lovely and creamy and makes a beautiful Valentine's day or special occasion starter. Give it a try!

Recipe by: principessam

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Risotto is comfort food at its best, and you can ring the changes by adding almost any ingredients you have to hand. This one uses a selection of chicken, pancetta, leeks and courgettes.

Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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A delicious, authentic Italian risotto with chicken and asparagus. Perfect with a glass of white wine!

Recipe by: katie

5 reviews

I had this Italian-Indian fusion dish at a pub and so thought I would give it a go myself. Easy and delicious. This recipe isn't that spicy so if you lke it hotter, add a little more tandoori paste at that step.

Recipe by: Kabee

3 reviews

Comfort food for those cold days.

Recipe by: HarryDaly

4 reviews

This is my version of Pumpkin Risotto. A very creamy risotto with feta melted through it. My whole family love this recipe and I get cheers from my kids when I tell them we are having it for dinner. You can use butternut squash instead of pumpkin, if desired.

Recipe by: JodyW

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