Chicken fried rice

    Try these better-than-take-out, Chinese-style chicken fried rice recipes. Quick and easy, mild or spicy - there is a recipe for every taste and every budget.

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    Lots of crispy pieces of bacon and plenty of spring onions make this an enjoyable dish! It doesn't take long to prepare, especially if you are opt to use leftover chicken to begin with.

    Recipe by: ljburrill

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    Chicken fried rice recipe as done in your local takeaway.

    Recipe by: PaulHigham

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    A spicy fried rice with green chillies, fresh basil and coriander. You can also use pork fillet, bacon or prawns instead of chicken.

    Recipe by: MITCHNSTEVE

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    This chicken fried rice tastes better than any takeout and is packed with fresh vegetables. Get your kids involved by letting them choose which vegetables they want to include.

    Recipe by: ChefBillT

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    An easy one bowl dish, cheap and quick to make and full of flavour. Great lunch or TV snack. Serve with mini spring rolls, prawn toast and mini ribs for a more substantial meal if required. My husband loves this and thinks it tastes very authentic.

    Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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    An easy, tasty fried rice is used as the base for this tasty chicken dish. Roasted chicken tops the rice, and the whole lot is covered in a sweet and savoury mango sauce. Any fried rice would be suitable here, even leftover rice from a takeaway. The easiest way to prepare this dish is to buy a cooked chicken from the supermarket, or to use leftovers from a Sunday roast.

    Recipe by: Cyclone

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