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A classic quiche lorraine is always welcome at weekend brunches, lunches and buffets. Try our foolproof quiche lorraine recipes, all from cooks like you.

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Bacon, eggs, cheese and onions - a plain and simple delicious quiche.

Recipe by: Lynn

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A 4-star quality quiche, perfect for family dinners, parties, or even just for a snack. Blind baking the crust ensures that it is crisp.

Recipe by: jaspurpler

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Bacon, Gruyere cheese and onions mingle in perfect harmony amidst the eggs and cream in this timeless classic.

Recipe by: Laundrie

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I make this quiche Lorraine at least once a month. It's great for buffets, dinner or for a quick lunch. The pastry is enough for a springform tin 28-30cm across. You can keep leftover pastry in the freezer for 1 month.

Recipe by: Christine

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A light and fluffy traditional quiche for those with a wheat/gluten intolerance. Makes 6 lunch time servings, or 4 dinner servings.

Recipe by: Kylie Veale

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This quiche is quick to make and tastes fantastic. A shortcrust pastry case is filled with bacon, ham, Gruyere cheese and a savoury egg custard. It's perfect for dinner or packed lunches.

Recipe by: Bibus

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Ultimate, rich and creamy quiche Lorraine, the classic made with smoked bacon, eggs, creme fraiche and cream. Eat at room temperature with new potatoes and salad.

Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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This quiche has considerably less fat than the average quiche. An egg custard made with skimmed milk and light cheese is baked without a pastry base. It's simple and delicious.

Recipe by: emberlie

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This is a lower fat version of the classic quiche Lorraine. The bacon is replaced by ham and the cream is replaced by milk and creme fraiche. Serve for dinner or pop into packed lunches.

Recipe by: Bibus

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I like my quiche Lorraine better with ham instead of bacon. This quiche is made in no time and is very good. The perfect dish for beginners! It is super easy thanks to using shop-bought pastry sheets.

Recipe by: Florence

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